One 19 North in Kirkwood, MO- Restaurant Review

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 selfieTapas.  The first time I encountered a Tapas restaurant, I was flabbergasted that I spent $8.75 on a little white platter with 6 hor d oeuvres barely the size of a 50 cent coin.  (Do they still make those? The 50 cent coins, I mean) For $1, I can get a bean, cheese and rice burrito at Taco Bell which is as thick as my arm and as long as my foot.  So guess which wins?  However, One 19 North in Kirkwood, Missouri was my second Tapas restaurant and I think I now understand. It isn’t about the size or quantity,  the delights are in the tastes, the service, the ambiance, the company you keep and the sangria that refreshes and compliments the entire atmosphere!

The  word ‘tapas’ is a Spanish word meaning “cover” or “lid”  So one theory is that the inn where one would stop to get a bit to eat, drink and sleep when traveling on the Spanish roads, would have small pieces of bread that you can use to cover your wine glass with to keep out the fruit flies.  This makes sense.  After Jill and Kamyla tasted their sweet but not-too-sweet, fresh fruit-filled Sangria last night, they seemed to be close to heaven. Kam had the red wine Sangria with orange and lemon while Jill had the white with lime and orange. I think there was pineapple involved as well. Either way, they both were, as always, so fun to be with, relaxed and very happy. I believe the sangria contributed. Both remarked how well it complimented the food. The Spanish tradition of serving the small platters of food to keep coach drivers (and now car drivers!)  sober turns out to be a great idea and now seems like a brilliant idea!
The food was tasty and fun.  Jill had the Mac and Cheese which was a white cheese and tasty and warm and actually more than Jill could eat, therefore. like, true friends, we offered to help her!  Jill and Kam and I share food.  Be warned if you are to ever share a meal with us as we may inadvertently dish something off your plate onto ours or graciously give you something of ours. (We are conscientious and do use clean utensils…..Elegance is Everything and we certainly know proper decorum!)

We had the Baba Ghanoush Flatbread  (Roasted Eggplant Hummus, Roasted Red Peppers, and Feta Cheese)  the Grilled Brussel Sprouts (with smoked bacon, Parmesan Cheese in Olive Oil) and the Oven Baked Goat Cheese with Puttanesca Sauce on toasted Ciabatta bread.   With Jill’s Mac and Cheese, we had plenty to eat!

All in all, we loved the wall of timber boards next to us which gave a bit of rustic mixed with the new.   Tapas is about relaxing with friends, tastes, conversation and wine and One 19 North was perfect for us to socialize.  We especially liked Brad,  our server, who generously took the time to explain the food, the private room for gatherings and the ingredients in the Sangria.  We three agreed he had the nicest smile.  (Leroy, smiles are more appealing without a cigarette hanging from one’s lips…..I’m just saying….)

One 19 North is at 119 North Kirkwood Road in Kirkwood, MO  314-821-4119.

Scale of 1-7 🥣 (7 being Outstanding)

One 19 North 🥣🥣🥣🥣🥣🥣🥣


Marge’s 1st Restaurant Review – Lemmons By Grbic Restaurant, St. Louis

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So far this year……..

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It’s now February 2018 and I’m still trying to get over the holidays.

It all started the Sunday after Thanksgiving. (yes, technically that was last year) when we decided to rake the leaves outside before the snow.  LeRoy’s idea of raking is not the same as mine.  I actually rake while he is deterred by other things.  He rakes then he is gone for an hour looking for leaf bags.  So this particular day, I invited my nephew Kurt Motor over and pay him $20 to help rake.  He, of course, brings his girlfriend Carleen and they’d stay for dinner. I was thinking Hamburger Helper, cheap, easy to make (much like Carleen) and we’d be done with it all.  Anyway, I’m not sure where LeRoy disappeared to but I think it had something to do with the day being Sunday and televised football games.  The hint was when the song “Basket Case” was blaring on the massively sized speakers that Kurt set up on our porch, I yelled out to Kurt “Who sings this?”  And he yelled back “Green Day”.  LeRoy face froze and he yelled out “Green Bay!??” then tossed the rake aside and ran into the house. It wouldn’t have been so bad or made me so mad if it weren’t for the fact he ran under our cedar tree almost taking a large tree branch with him.  It forcefully bounced back and hit me square in the eye and I spent two hours at the emergency room being treated for two superficial poked holes in my retina. Carleen drove me in her truck.  The one that has the bumper sticker  “Horn broke, watch for finger”.  We had to stop for gas which of course I offered to pay for.  She filled up the tank.  (Add 34.67 to my $20) Meanwhile, I had no idea that she had monocular vision or could drive with that lazy eye….but we made it.  Since I could only see out of one eye, I suppose it was our necessary teamwork…..

I would like to say this didn’t really happen but it did.

When I called Leroy from the ER to give him an update, he very guiltily and sweetly announced that he would make dinner.  About an hour later, he called and asked if Carleen and I could pick up some KFC.  I hate doing that. I pride myself on my cooking and I swear my sisters Rosemary and Minnie (Her real name is Cinnamon. My mother loved themes) anyway, Rose and Minnie are very jealous of my fame (I’m the oldest) and are always trying to destroy my career. Every time I get take-out somehow they know and take pictures for blackmail purposes.

pat's house 023

Marge & Chicken (2)

Marge Run 4 (2)

So we stopped for KFC and it cost me $46.72 cents.  (I mentally added so far this has cost $101.39).We finally were home, ate the chicken then, I find out that the Packers game was on at 7:30pm.  I politely begged off and went to rest my eyes and put in my                                                                                     prescription eye drops (add 8 more dollars=109.39),  It was difficult to sleep since Kurt and LeRoy were yelling and shouting at the TV.  And I was mentally worried about the ER bill which my insurance company assured me wouldn’t be over $300. (It ended up being only $70. I thank God every day for Medicare Insurance.) ($170.39)

Finally, the house was quiet. LeRoy came into bed and put his arms around me.

He was sniffing.   I said “LeRoy, I hope you aren’t getting sick, honey.”

He said sadly.  “No, I’m not sick.” and he held me closer.

“Well, honey, I hope you aren’t worried about me. Is that it?  I’ll be fine”.

He hugged me harder and I thought how sweet LeRoy can be and how lucky I was to be his wife.  That was until I heard him mutter. “They lost!  How could Green Bay have lost!!!”









Spring and a New Leaf!

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Ah, Spring!  A new beginning.  When, along with budding of trees, the pregnant robins and the jonquils and tulips jutting suddenly out of the ground, one realizes that it is time to wake up and clean the trailer (I mean, the house).  I need to get off the cigarette burn-stained couch (It is so difficult to be elegant with Leroy’s nasty habits!). No more watching “The View” and “Ellen” (Oh, where is Oprah on network TV??). Time to make those resolutions that found me too lethargic and unmotivated to do on New Year’s.  You will receive more fabulous blogs more faithfully, with household tips and cooking advice. Those recipes  and helpful cleaning hints  that I promised two years ago will finally come to your computer. Yes, you have heard this all before.  But this time I am vehemently determined.

Let me first catch you up on some of the wonderful news since I last posted. For Christmas I received a new cell phone. I am learning to take pictures.  The Hard Way.  Below, is a picture I took of my grandchildren.  Do you see them?  No?  That’s because I accidentally took a selfie.   No matter what I do, I end up with a picture of me. Anyway, my grandchildren are adorable.  I’m sorry you can”t see them. The four year old has promised to teach me how to use the phone.

Also, BIG NEWS!   I have been so successful with my traveling “Cooking With Marge” shows that a company  has decided that they would like to handle my many bookings . I am thrilled. My question would be: Is 50% commission too much for them to take???  Am not sure and it’s all so new.  My nephew, Kurt Motor, is handling the whole thing.   Anyway, I love the fact that he is so bent on doing this. He is so talented ! He is going to even make special appearances in my shows!  How lucky can I be!
kurt motor

Meanwhile, here is today’s household tip:

“Always display get well cards on top of your TV or mantle!  If unexpected visitors come to your home, you can apologize for the mess in your home and tell them you’ve been sick and unable to clean.”

Thank you so much for following the blog!  Please feel free to ask questions and send in your own personal tips and recipes that you would like  to share.

Remember, Elegance is Everything!

Catching up and Kansas

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Traveling with the shows is fun yet also can be troubling.  I am leaving Leroy alone which right there is quite disturbing.  Who knows what I will find when I return.   The wrong Book-On-Tape can ruin a long drive. A few Wednesdays ago I recently drove through Kansas during tornado season, dodging bolts of lightning! The payoff however was wonderful. I have performed in theaters, banquet halls, barns, wineries and church halls, however this was the first I actually performed in a church sanctuary.  After avoiding all those bolts of lightning along the way to the church, I was sure I’d be struck down performing Marge in front of the giant cross and alter of the beautiful church where the lovely audience sat in pews in front of me. The hilarious thing was that two young men with Bibles in hand wandered down the aisle looking for a pew. They sat and watched. Afterward, they sought out the minister, saying that they would be there next Wednesday and it was the most unusual fun service they had ever attended!  Poor fellows. They were a bit embarrassed to find they had attended a comedy show for a Mother/Daughter banquet!
Every town has something to offer which makes traveling fun! The Kansas prairie can seem boring till you find the hidden gems!


Kansas Prairie

Then next to
bills ss


You will find an enormous Van Gogh on a giant easel.

Van Gogh

Fantastic!!  Elegance is Everything!  I rest my case!!!

Till later,


Marge watches the Oscars

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Marge watches the Oscars

Ready, so excited and comfy!

The Longest Winter Ever or Living with Leroy for 7 months with Chili and Beer

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Yes, it’s me. Marjoram Fennell, back with the blog. it is winter and there isn’t much else to do  but freeze outside, watch inane shows on the telly (I love calling it that!  So elegant, don’t you think? So European!)

For those fans who have seen the shows, you know my motto is “Elegance Is Everything”  This winter has been terrible. My skin is so dry that my wrinkles have multiplied in the hundreds. My nose is red and bulbous from the constant cold and my hair is more brittle than shredded wheat. I tried to give my little 3 year old grand-daughter Sugar (also the name of a spice) an apple. She ran away crying. I scared her because she thought I looked like Snow White’s witchy step mother.

I can’t remember a winter this snowy, this cold or this miserable  I can take the freezing temperatures, the sliding on ice, the school closings which means my three grandchildren are constantly underfoot, but what I find unbearable is my dear husband Leroy’s constant need for chili. The minute the World Series was over and Hockey began, he wanted chili, with cheese, onions and Fritos.   I admit I make killer chili. I mean killer. After a night of Leroy eating the chili and having a couple of Budweisers, I can’t believe we aren’t ALL dead. I love him, of course. I promised to love him in sickness and in health but I didn’t know I was the one who was going to get sick every winter. We live in our small living room (which was appropriately named, by the way) and most likely, sadly,  I will die there. Leroy won’t. He will be pickled and preserved on his Lazy Boy.  I, on the other hand, will be rotting way beneath old newspapers, empty beer cans, and if I have any luck, the afghan that my grandmother made when she was thinking, for some reason, that my favorite colors would be pink and green.  At least I’ll be warm as I lay there in bilious, yet colorful, trashy tomb. They won’t find us for months. My daughter Ginger is so busy with her boyfriends that she leaves her children with us and I swear, she forgets where she had put them. The kids are playing video games in their room and only come out to use the bathroom across the hall or to eat and they can make their own peanut and jelly sandwiches and go to the neighbors’ house for bread.
Anyway, this weather had cost us zillions of dollars in car batteries, groceries and tires for the roof (it’s the best way to keep the roof on in a strong wind)and that is not  to mention the eight thousand pairs of gloves we have had to spend replacing lost ones. I find them eventually. Usually in the yard, in school bags, pockets, but have you ever found a mitten in your dishwasher?  How did it get there? Scooter, the four year old put  his mittens on the dog’s ears . Then I found Leroy using mittens he found around the house as Koozies to put around his cold beers. That’s just wrong.

Anyway, if any one has any good chili recipes, feel free to send them and I will post them on this blog. I would share mine but it’s a little of this and a little of that and I have no idea of the measurements and besides, my chili works against me….if you know what I mean…..

Anyway, speaking of ice, I have received several complaints after my presentations regarding the very expensive, elegant, fabulous gifts that are given for the winners of the quiz.  The ice cube trays have become passe’.   I was told that refrigerators now have ice makers and the ice cube trays are obsolete.  I think I have mentioned that  men can use them for their fishing lures and women an blue ice cube trayuse them for their earrings.  Opps, that was a rather sexist statement. My son Tyson has more earrings than I do and I’m 62 years old!
Back on the subject, I shall look for some new prizes to award – if I ever get out of this house. I figure I should be able to leave at the first thaw. My target is to leave this house by St. Patrick’s Day.  There is no way I will stay in this house with corned beef and cabbage.

Till later!   Remember “Elegance Is Everything!”